Angela Palladino
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angela does two things.
she is a filmmaker & she is a comedian.



Angela is a director, producer and editor based in New York City. She has brought her skills to productions for Google, Microsoft, Showtime, IFC, Oxygen, Amazon Studios, Elite Daily, Funny or Die and Above Average. She is also proud to have contributed to production teams on Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning films. Angela's film & video work has shown and taken home awards at festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, New York Television Festival, Independent Television Festival, LA Comedy Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, and New York City Web Fest. Through her production company New Fiction Productions, Angela creates work with humor, heart and dope visuals.



Angela is a comedian, writer and actor based in New York City. Angela performs with the sketch team The House on BoogieManja every month at the PIT Loft, hosts monthly the variety show There Will Be Other Shows at Pine Box Rock Shop and is a cast member of Improvised 30 Rock which was featured in the New York Times. She studied improv, sketch and comedy writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB). Angela performs live stand up and characters around New York City, you should come to a show sometime! She has previously written for UCB’s Sketch Cram and has performed in Linked: the LaRonde show at UCB. Angela's comedy videos and writing have been featured on Funny or Die, Above Average, UCB Comedy and Elite Daily. Wild, huh?



Angela was born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She does not know Amy Poehler, but would like to. Her favorite musics are punk and funk, because they both have a lot of heart and soul. She has more tattoos than you would think, is pretty good at graphic design, and can sing in an Australian accent. Currently, Angela lives/works/watches Netflix in Brooklyn, NY. This is mostly all you need to know.